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In our 567th issue:

Hackers Obtain Fraudulent HTTPS certificates: How Close to a Web Security Meltdown Did We Get?

On March 15th, an HTTPS/TLS Certificate Authority (CA) was tricked into issuing fraudulent certificates that posed a dire risk to Internet security. Based on currently available information, the incident got close to - but was not quite - an Internet-wide security meltdown. These events show why we urgently need to start reinforcing the system that is currently used to authenticate and identify secure websites and email systems.

ACLU and EFF Appeal Ruling In Case Challenging Government Attempt To Obtain Private Data in WikiLeaks Investigation

EFF and the ACLU appealed a ruling that the government can collect the private records of three Twitter users as part of its investigation related to WikiLeaks, arguing that secret demands for information endanger privacy rights. The ruling further held that the users cannot learn which other Internet companies were ordered to turn over information about them to the government. EFF and the ACLU are challenging the ruling on behalf of Birgitta Jonsdottir, an Icelandic parliamentarian who is appealing jointly with fellow Twitter users Jacob Appelbaum and Rop Gonggrijp.

An Introduction to the Federated Social Network

Distributed social networks represent a model that can plausibly return control and choice to the hands of the Internet user. With more user control, diversity, and innovation, individuals speaking out under oppressive governments could conduct activism on social networking sites while also having a choice of services and providers that may be better equipped to protect their security and anonymity.

EFF Updates

Good and Bad in Google Book Search Decision
A federal district court in New York issued a long-awaited ruling in the Google Books case, acknowledging the importance of the privacy concerns but getting some things fundamentally wrong in its copyright analysis.

Fair Use For the Win in Righthaven Case
A judge in the Nevada federal district court patiently explained why fair use disposes of Righthaven's copyright claim arising from the republication of an entire news article by a nonprofit organization.

In-District Meetings: an Offline Tool for Defending Your Online Rights
If you are passionate about digital rights, then meeting with your Congressional representatives is one the most powerful steps you can take in advocating for free speech and privacy online.


Defend Your Digital Privacy
Access Now has published a security guide for Internet and cell phone users in the Middle East.

Victory in NSA Spying!
A federal appeals court reinstated the ACLU's lawsuit challenging the FISA Amendments Act, ruling that the plaintiffs in the case could challenge the FAA without first showing with certainty that they had been spied on under the statute.

Burma Cuts Off VoIP

Burma's (Myanmar) military junta orders Internet cafes to stop offering VoIP calls, declaring them illegal.


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Like ACTA, the Trans-Pacific Partnership is being negotiated in secret, and on a fast timetable. Contact your lawmakers and demand transparency!


Liberty-loving citizens have a brief window of time to contact lawmakers and demand meaningful reforms to the PATRIOT Act.

SunshineWeek 2011 Webcast and Local Panel: The Road Forward on Open Government

EFF Activist Rainey Reitman joins Declan McCullagh, Chief Political Correspondent for CNET, and James Jacobs, Government Documents Librarian at Stanford, to discuss WikiLeaks and its relationship to Open Government.
Location: San Francisco, CA
Date: March 30, 2011

WEB 2.0 Expo

Eva Galperin, EFF Activist, discusses the growing threat of "traitorware," the class of software and devices that work behind your back to betray your privacy.
Location: San Francisco, CA
Date: March 31, 2011

Flourish! 2011

EFF Technology Director Chris Palmer will be speaking about EFF's 2011 Tech Projects, including the SSL Observatory, HTTPS Everywhere, censorship-resistant DNS, secure cloud filesystems, and the open source security auditing project.
Location: Chicago, IL
Date: April 2, 2011

SOURCE Boston and SOURCE Seattle

EFF is a proud partner of two SOURCE Security Conferences! In addition to advanced technical talks, SOURCE offers workshops on entrepreneurship, management strategies, job interviewing, presentation skills, and proficiencies and strategies designed for the security industry.
Location: Boston, MA
Date: April 20, 2011
Location: Seattle, WA
Date: June 15-16, 2011

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