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NOTICE: Presence of any electronic publication in this archive does not constitute EFF agreement with or support of the views or goals expressed in the publication. This archive is provided for informational purposes only.

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pointer to a wealth of other online publications (only EFF-relevant e-pubs are housed here; others are available at the sites listed in this file.)

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back issues of Brock Meeks' "CyberWire Dispatch".
issues (text and HTML) of _cy.Rev:_A_Journal_of_Cybernetic_ _Revolution_.
link to the CuD directory-of-directories, containing a large collection of computer underground e-zines
summaries of _Electronic_Public_Information_Newsletter_'s hardcopy edition. Even in summary, this online version can be very useful.
Net-related material from the online edition of "eye - Toronto's Arts Journal"
Jim Warren's _GovAccess_ newsletter, a wealth of information for the online activist.
an infrequent e-journal of online legal issues and info.
Raids Digest - e-newsletter of discussions and info regaring computer-related raids, legal cases involving system operators, etc. Published by EFF-Austin.

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Web Communications' Comprehensive Guide to Publishing on the Web
Daily Telegraph
Future Net
.NET Magazine
Daily Beacon University of Tennessee-Knoxville
A new Webzine that includes poetry, short fiction, articles, and reviews of music and literature
Wired magazine Online
Washington Magazine
insider's guide to the nation's Capital
San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner
National Press Club
Phrack Magazine
Physics Journal
Time Magazine
Biological Journals Index
RISK Forum Digest
The Journal of Electronic Publishing
Project Gutenberg
a volunteer-staffed project to put public domain texts, incl. encyclopedias and literature classics, online.
Career Magazine
Palo Alto Calif.Weekly Newspaper
WWW Version
San Jose [Calif.]Mercury News
Full Disclosure
A journal on privacy, security, surveillance, and public access to government information.
BoardWatch Magazine
Mother Jones Magazine Online
Asia, Inc. Online WWW mag
TAZMedia WWW zine
Interactive Week
De Proverbio:
An Electronic Journal of International Proverb Studies
The Ethical Spectacle
WWW politics e-journal
Technology Review WWW magazine
The Write Stuff e-zine
Edupage, Educom Review and Educom Update
Web Digest for Marketers
"a review of the latest marketing sites on The Web. Free samples are available."
"magazine of Internet culture".
Netsurfer Focus e-mag
Congressional Quarterly
Trincoll Journal Trinity College (Hartford, CT) on the WWW
Electronic Green Party
Bean Bag: Leguminosae Research Newsletter
Flora Online:
Journal for Collections-Oriented Botanical Research.
DBMS Magazine
Database & Client-Server Networking
The (virtual) Baguette
magazine en Francais
Music Week
Netsurfer Tools
Web edition
The Freebooter
an online journal dedicated to liberty, privacy and free enterprise.
Internet Rsources Newsletter
Law Journal Extra!
U.S. News Online
Mr. Jefferson's Challenge
a new political newsletter, mailing list, and WWW forum encouraging citizen debate on political and social revolution and reform in America.
Chicago Tribune, Internet Edition
The online journal of the International Communication Project. English, Deutsche.
The Concord Review
the only journal in the world for the academic work of high school students