Subdirectories in This Archive

Directory of material by "cyberpunk" author and EFF-Austin Board Member Bruce Sterling, including the online versions of his book _The_Hacker_Crackdown:_Law_and_Disorder_on_the_Electronic_Frontier_.
Directory containing items by EFF Systems & Network Administrator Dan Brown.
Directory of items by EFF Board Member David Farber.
Directory of items by EFF Board Member and former Chairman David Johnson
Directory of items by EFF Policy Fellow David Post
Directory of items by Declan McCullagh, a plaintiff in the EFF/ACLU lawsuit challenging the Communications Decency Act.
Directory of items by EFF Board Member Emeritus Denise Caruso.
Directory containing misc. electronic periodicals related to civil liberties and networking.
Directory of material by several EFF-related individuals, including Board Member Emeritus Stewart Brand, former Cambridge office Director and Online Services Coordinator Cliff Figallo, and former Communications Director Gerard Van Der Leun.
Directory of material by EFF Board Member and Chair Esther Dyson.
Directory of material by former EFF Executive Director and Policy Director Jerry Berman (currently Exec. Dir. of CDT).
Directory of material by EFF Board Member and co-founder John Gilmore
Directory of material by EFF Board Member, Vice-Chair and co-founder John Perry Barlow
Directory of material by EFF Board Member Lawrence (larry) Lessig, Stanford Law School Professor.
Directory of material by EFF Staff Counsel Mike Godwin
Directory of material by misc. authors, including Hakim Bey, Henry David Thoreau, William S. Burroughs, Barry Krusch, Robert D. Kaplan, and John Shirley. The material archived here runs the gamut from political analyses through works by "cyberpunk" authors, to literary explorations of civil liberties.
Directory of Material by EFF Board Member, co-founder and former Chairman Mitch Kapor.
Directory of material by EFF Director of Legal Services Shari Steele
Directory of material by EFF board member (and O'Reilly & Associates president) Tim O'Reilly.
Directory of material by "cyberpunk" author William Gibson

Related On-Site Resources

Directory containing EFF's Guide to the Internet
(previously Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet, and published in hardcopy by MIT Press as Everybody's Guide to the Internet). Many formats and several editions are available, from HTML and PostScript to Hungarian and Italian. This guide was the among the first of its kind and is retained for historical purposes.
EFFector Online
and Networks and Policy newsletters.
EFF publications Link to a directory
with further links to all EFF publications, testimony, position papers, analyses, statements, and press releases.
Internet standards and specs documents
(does not contain archives of the specs themselves, but for gopher and WWW users does provide links to the archives sites for Internet/Usenet FAQs, RFCs, FYIs, IENs and other documents. FTP users can get the link info from the file README.where_rfcs_and_more in this directory.
Internet guidebooks and tutorials
Most in English, but some non-English items are available, including a Spanish internet access manual. Other items include the famous EFF's Guide to the Internet, Zen_and_the_Art_of_the_Internet and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Internet, as well as guidebooks for e-mail only users, VMS users and Mac users, not to mention hypertext databases of EFF info such as the World Internet Help Hypercard Stack, and the well-known Hytelnet and Internet CMC and Resource Guide databases.

Related Off-Site Resources

The Computer Underground Digest archives: a collection of e-publications and other files on the computer underground.