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Dec. 15, 2000. California DeCSS Trade Secret Litigation (DVD-CCA v. Pavlovich): CA Supreme Court Thwarts Hollywood's War on Cyberspace

Aug. 29, 2000. Open Source Under Attack: LiVid Leader Awaits Court Ruling

Aug. 28, 2000. LiVid Leader Challenges California's Jurisdiction Over Him

Aug. 8, 2000. EFF Files Legal Brief in NY DVD Case: DMCA Unconstitutional if Fair Use Tools Prohibited

Aug. 3, 2000. EFF Defeats DVD-CCA's Request for Secrecy Order; More Netizens Under Legal Attack for Publishing Software

July 31, 2000. EFF DeCSS Trial Summary: Facts in EFF's Favor as MPAA Claims Collapse Under Scrutiny

July 25, 2000. EFF Detonates Mind Bomb in Court on Final Day of DVD Trial

July 21, 2000. REVEALED: DeCSS Led to Competing Linux DVD Player

July 20, 2000. Johansen Shines on Witness Stand in Defense of his Software

July 19, 2000. Time Warner Claims Individuals Not 'Authorized' to View DVD at Purchase

July 18, 2000. Movie Studios Admit DeCSS Not Related to Piracy

July 17, 2000. DMCA Trial Begins with a Bang

July 15, 2000. EFF Moves to Disqualify Kaplan: Judge was Time Warner's Lawyer on DVD Issues

July 14, 2000. Show up Monday!- DVD Trial Begins

July 13, 2000. DMCA to go on Trial Monday in NY

July 7, 2000. EFF Victory in California DVD Discovery Dispute

June 21, 2000. Ruling Expected on MPAA Immunity Request

June 16, 2000. EFF Asks Court to Lift Injunction on Speech

June 9, 2000. MPAA Ducks Deposition Questions in DVD Case

June 7, 2000. New York DVD Trial Goes Public: Judge Grants Press Access to Court Proceedings

June 6, 2000. EFF and Journalists Unite to Fight MPAA "Star Chamber"

June 5, 2000. Will DVD Trial Proceed in Secret?

June 4, 2000. Educators and Librarians File Amici to Fight Movie Studios' Attempt to Squelch Speech; EFF Opposes MPAA Secrecy Order; Media Presses Court to Open DVD Trial to Public; June 6 Open Hearing on MPAA Secrecy Order

June 1, 2000. Journalists Intervene on MPAA's Attempt to Block Public Access to DVD; Openlaw/DVD Forum Files Friend of Court Brief to Lift Ban on Speech

May 21-27, 2000. Court Rejects MPAA's Attempt to Disqualify DeCSS Lawyers

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