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EFF Battles Copyright Trolls
When a new breed of copyright bullies started sending indiscriminate threat letters to bloggers and supposed copyright infringers, EFF fought back by warning judges about the impropriety of shakedown litigation, and by providing support for targets of subpoenas and lawsuits.
Tracking and surveillance!
EFF Frees Your Phone
When the Copyright Office asked to hear about DMCA circumventions that should be legalized, EFF jumped at the chance to argue that circumvention needed to jailbreak your smartphone should be made legal. This year, the Copyright Office officially agreed that modifying your smartphone in order to run independent applications is not a violation of the DMCA
Tracking and surveillance!
EFF Highlights Facebook Privacy Settings
When Facebook made dramatic changes to the way it treated users' data, EFF condemned the aggressive push to get users to share personal details more publicly. Facebook relented and gave users better privacy controls. EFF also taught users how take their privacy back on Facebook, and continues to advocate for better privacy policies from all social networking sites.

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