EFF Celebrates 20th Anniversary With New Animation by Nina Paley

July 10, 2010, marks EFF's 20th anniversary! To thank you for your support over these two decades, please enjoy this new animation created especially for us by celebrated cartoonist and free culture activist Nina Paley. This short cartoon highlights some of the reasons why EFF is here.

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Here's what you saw:

Onerous user agreements.
Users regularly click through monstrous blocks of legalese in order to use the most popular web sites and applications. Unfortunately, these agreements are frequently one-sided and rife with attempts to take away your rights. EFF informs users of various pitfalls, lobbies companies to make necessary improvements, and argues that certain rights should always remain intact. See See EFF's 'Terms Of (Ab)use' Project.
Tracking and surveillance!
Tracking and surveillance online.
Governments, advertisers, and websites are developing increasingly sophisticated methods of tracking what you read, watch, upload, and share on the web. EFF argues for your right to privacy, advocates for governments and companies to put meaningful limits on the collection and use of your personal data, and helps promote tools you can use to protect yourself. More on EFF's work protecting user privacy.
Tracking and surveillance!
"Three Strikes" and copyright cops.
Entertainment industry bigwigs worldwide want ISPs to monitor subscribers, filter content and kick users off the Internet for file-sharing. EFF is fighting worldwide for the protection of fair use, free expression, and fairness for all Internet users. More on EFF's international work.

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Meet the Artist

Sita Sings the Blues
A Benefit Screening Hosted by Nina Paley
Tuesday, July 20, 2010, at 7 PM


See Nina Paley in San Francisco on July 20th for a showing of her fantastic feature length opus, "Sita Sings the Blues." A benefit for EFF and the Cartoon Art Museum, Nina will introduce the film and answer questions from the audience. Nina will also screen three "Minute Memes," including the theatrical premiere of the EFF cartoon featured on this page. Purchase your tickets today!