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EFFector       Vol. 15, No. 26       August 28, 2002     ren@eff.org

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In the 225th Issue of EFFector:

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John Perry Barlow, Mountain Girl Garcia Host Free Music Fest

San Francisco - Join the Electronic Frontier Foundation and five Bay Area bands for an afternoon of live music and outdoor fun at EFF's second annual Share In. The festival will be held in Golden Gate Park's Music Concourse Bandshell on Saturday, September 14th from noon - 5pm. The celebration of independent music will be hosted by Grateful Dead lyricist and EFF co-founder John Perry Barlow, and former wife of the late great Jerry Garcia, Mountain Girl Garcia.

Artists participating in this event will permit recording of their performances by those in attendance in support of EFFs Open Audio License (OAL). Musicians performing at the event include: the Box Set Duo - clown princes of folk-rock, the classic funk band Funkmonsters, celtic world-fusion group Hy Brassyl, harmony based folk-pop band Atticus Scout, and Berkeley-based party band Shady Lady.

In addition to music, the Share-In will feature performers including Ashley Foster the One Wheeled Wonder, the Existential Circus, Frantastic Hands, the Metronome Dancers, and Willy Bologna and his Sideshow Circus. Bring your family and friends!

Ben and Jerry's will sell their famous ice cream, and Cartwheel Catering will be on site with hot dogs, pretzels, and churros.

Proceeds from the Share-In will go directly to EFF's Campaign for Audiovisual Free Expression (CAFE), which oversees projects such as the Open Audio License. CAFE empowers the creative community in cyberspace by protecting the public's access to and use of audiovisual technologies.

The Open Audio License is a tool that EFF has developed in order to help artists share music more directly with their fans, without sacrificing recognition for their creativity. The OAL encourages collaboration, providing artists with an alternative to a business model strictly driven by profit. Based on the open source and free software initiatives for software development, the OAL encourages artists to share with one another and their fans

Adoption of the OAL does not mean that artists go unrewarded for their work. On the contrary, the OAL permits artists to share single tracks or performances and gain widespread recognition for their work without relying on intermediaries. EFF encourages new models of music distribution in the digital world that benefit the artists themselves. The Internet makes it possible to drastically reduce the overhead for packaging and distributing music, which is where record companies currently spend most of the money that could be going to artists. EFF is committed to developing tools that empower artists to take control over their own art and to be compensated appropriately for their works.

When: Saturday, September 14th, Noon-5pm

Where: Music Concourse Bandshell in Golden Gate Park, near the Japanese Tea Gardens between MLK Drive and JFK Drive


EFF's Cafe Project:

The Open Audio License:

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Atlanta - The Electronic Frontier Foundation is sponsoring several panels at this year's DragonCon in Atlanta, GA. DragonCon is the largest science fiction convention in North America, with over 20,000 people in attendance. This year's dates are Friday, August 30th through Monday, September 2nd (Labor Day).

The talks:
Fri 8/30 5:30 pm Internet Activism Today
Sat 8/31 4:00 pm Fair Use Rights on the Internet
Sun 9/1 11:30 am Internet Freedom of Speech Update


For more information on the Electronic Frontiers Forums at DragonCon (including past years' programs), see:

For more information on DragonCon, see:

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If you know of any public school students, teachers, school administrators, school board members, parents, or recent public school alumni in the United States who are willing to speak about the impact of Internet blocking on educational opportunities, the EFF would like to make contact with them. Please have them contact:

Will Doherty

PS: We are also seeking the donation of a high-powered statistics package such as SPSS, MINITAB or SAS.

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Deep Links
Deep Links features noteworthy news items, victories, and threats from around the Internet.

Shhhh! The FBI Is Listening
The USA Patriot Act made it illegal for librarians to tell patrons if the FBI requested their lending records. Join our friends at Working for Change and tell Attorney General John Ashcroft to stop the FBI from reading over our shoulders!

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Bruce Schneier on TCPA/Palladium and Berman's P2P Hacking Bill
The August issue of Crypto-Gram, Bruce Schneier's excellent newsletter on security, has two particularly interesting articles. The first deals with TCPA and Palladium, the second with Rep. Berman's P2P hacking bill. Check it out at:

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