Program Objective:

Genoa II is a FY02 new-start program. It will focus on developing information technology needed by teams of intelligence analysts and operations and policy personnel in attempting to anticipate and preempt terrorist threats to US interests. Genoa II's goal is to make such teams faster, smarter, and more joint in their day-to-day operations. Genoa II will apply automation to team processes so that more information will be exploited, more hypotheses created and examined, more models built and populated with evidence, and in the larger sense, more crises dealt with simultaneously.

Graphic illustrating how
cognitive aids enable humans and machines to think together faster,
smarter, and jointer

Program Strategy:

Genoa II will develop and deploy: 1) cognitive aids that allow humans and machines to “think together” in real-time about complicated problems; 2) means to overcome the biases and limitations of the human cognitive system; 3) “cognitive amplifiers” that help teams of people rapidly and fully comprehend complicated and uncertain situations; and, 4) the means to rapidly and seamlessly cut across – and complement – existing stove-piped hierarchical organizational structures by creating dynamic, adaptable, peer-to-peer collaborative networks.

Planned Accomplishments:

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