Program Objective:

Program Genisys is a FY02 new-start program. The Genisys program's goal is to produce technology enabling ultra-large, all-source information repositories. To predict, track, and preempt terrorist attacks, the U.S. requires a full-coverage database containing all information relevant to identifying: potential foreign terrorists and their possible supporters; their activities; prospective targets; and, their operational plans. Current database technology is clearly insufficient to address this need.

Program Strategy:

Much of database technology as it exists today is based on a paradigm defined in the 1980's. Today, computer processors, storage media, and networks are a thousand times more capable. Genisys will reinvent database technology consistent with today's needs and capabilities.

In contrast to today's relational databases, Genisys will: (1) require no a priori data modeling and use a simpler query language, making it easier to dramatically increase the information covereage we now know we need to stop foreign terrorists; (2) support automated restructuring and projection of data, making it easier to declassify and share data between government organizations and with coalition partners; (3) store data in context of time and space to help resolve uncertainty that always exists in data, but is not modeled today; (4) create privacy filters, “aliasing” methods, and automated data expunging agents to protect the privacy of U.S. citizens, and those not involved with foreign terrorists; and, (5) develop a large, distributed system architecture for managing the huge volume of raw data input, analysis results, and feedback, that will result in a simpler, more flexible data store that performs well and allows us to retain important data indefinitely. In so doing, the Genisys program will demonstrate technologies as well as develop a series of increasingly powerful leave-behind prototypes that both provide immediate value to the Intelligence Community and stimulate feedback to guide follow-on research.

Planned Accomplishments:

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