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Presence of software or information about software in this directory tree does not indicate endorsement by EFF. NOTE: The EFF Net Tools Archive is subdivided into Topic and Platform subdirectories. Any given tool can be found in the apropos Topic subdirectory, by looking for the topic, then selecting the platform (e.g. pick Internet/, then pick Unix/), or in a Platform subdirectory but looking for the topic (e.g., pick the Mac/ subdirectory of .../Tools/, then select Archive_comp/ - pretty easy, no matter how you are accustomed to looking for files. There are also frequent links between related subdirectory trees to make it even easier to find what you're looking for.) There are also general reference works that are not under Topic or Platform subdirectories, and some may have subdirectories of their own. NOTE: This is not intended to be a complete, or even exhaustive archive, merely a site to grab some interesting things to experiment with, and a place to find some of the more basic and important small utilities. If someone is willing to donate several gigabytes worth of fast SCSI-2 hard drives, this policy could change; but right now, we just don't have the disk space to archive all the relevant software, and we are more interested in shareware and smaller-distribution packages that are not available yet from well-known, popular ftp sites. ** EFF is especially interested in empowering uses of technology, and will happily archive tools that support grassroots action (e.g. databases of voter records, programs to print envelopes addressed to the entirety of congress, etc.), regardless of size or platform. See ftp.eff.org, /README.incoming for info on uploading. However, presence of software in this directory and any of its subdirectories does not indicated endorsement by EFF. Warning: The vast majority of the net-oriented tools in this directory tree require the proper networking utilities (e.g. MacTCP, PKTMX & telnet for DOS, WinSock, etc.) Look for an apropos package on the many FTP sites devoted to such software, and configure your system accordingly, then try out these tools. Compression & Setext programs and the like are, of course, exceptions, and do not require any network connectivity.

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Disclaimer regarding endorsements.
list of tools available on the Internet that are used for network information retrieval (NIR), Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC), or other services. This is not meant to be a strict categorization or an exhaustive list, rather a reference catalog.

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Directory of information on Internet content filtering, labelling and rating, and monitoring of internet activity with "snoop" software


Link to directory of software tools for activism and politcal Activism/ - Link to directory of software tools for activism and politcal action.
Software legal tools - somewhat dated.Crypto-Privacy, Legal/ - Software legal tools - somewhat dated.Crypto-Privacy,

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