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Erik Thelan's Jan 1989 bibliography of works on e mail and other forms of electronic messaging and networked communications.
a PostScript format article on how and why the advancement of networking technology to the gigabit/per/second speed level actually presents fewer problems and challenges than supposed initially in the 80s. This file is gzip/compressed.
The licenses for most software are designed to take away your freedom to share and change it. By contrast, the GNU General Public Licenses are intended to guarantee your freedom to share and change free software to make sure the software is free for all its users.
a 1989 article. This is an overview of how the agency backbones route IP (Internet Protocol) packets at this time, with any generalizations that can be made and statements of their differences. Also included are recommendations from the agency backbones about how other networks that connect to them can best set up their inter administration routing. This paper has a single goal: to improve global engineering in the Internet.
a gzip compressed PostScript format speech transcript. Details the upper speed limits of TCP/IP networking, and where the bottle necks will be (not where you might think at first guess).
This paper was prepared for the Tenth Michigan Public Utility Conference at Western Michigan University March 25_27, 1993. It describes the history, technology and cost structure of the Internet. We also describe a possible smart/market mechanism for pricing traffic on the Internet. Updated 11/14/93.
1994 parer. This is a note about an important issue: the future pricing of Internet services. Please repost freely.
This paper was prepared for the conference "Public Access to the Internet", JFK School of Government, May 26/27, 1993. It describes some of the technology and costs relevant to pricing access to the Internet and suggest a possible smart market mechanism for pricing traffic on the Internet. Updated 11/14/93. gzip compressed PostScript file.
Reston VA, USA. 6 Feb 1995. The Internet's most important measurement data indicating its size and growth was released yesterday by Mark Lottor of Network Wizards.
March 25, 1993 Instruction Manual for CompuServe Sysops
Large FAQ covering personal computer Network File System and Internet Protocol applications and subjects (DOS and Mac.)
This article is a monthly attempt to remind potential posters to comp.unix about what is appropriate for this newsgroup.
How to Become a Usenet Site.
Analysis of stored news articles, JAN 94.
1994 article. The goal of this document is to explain the practices currently in use for the benefit of new and existing moderators.
VI is a very powerful unix editor that has many commands, too many to explain in a tutor such as this. This tutor is designed to describe enough of the commands that you will be able to easily use VI as an all purpose editor.
June 1990. The DDN Network Information Center (NIC) is located at SRI International, Menlo Park, CA, and is funded by the Defense Data Network (DDN) Defense Communications System (DCS) to provide general user services to DDN users via telephone, electronic mail, and U.S. postal mail.
Jan. 1985. This report specifies the attachment of an X.25 host to the Defense Data Network (DDN). In particular, this report describes specific options and features of CCITT Recommendation X.25 (1980) and Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 100/Federal Standard (Fed. Std.) 1041 (July 1983) required of a host X.25 implementation to enable that host to communicate with a DDN X.25 Interface Message Processor ("IMP", the DDN packet switching node).

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Historical information on BITNET (Batch Simple Mail Transfer Protocol).
This archive contains information of the policies of a number of individual networks.
This archive holds information on registry of domain names and so forth. Many of the files were be out of date in 1996. Check their headers for more information. (May 1999)

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