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Last Updated Thu Mar 13 10:42:56 PDT 2003

(NOTE - These guides have not been revised in a long time and, as there are now other sources, they are kept around mostly for historical purposes.) (Originally The Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet, published in hardcopy by MIT Press as Everybody's Guide to the Internet.)

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Files in this Archive

the EFF's Guide to the Internet Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers) list.
info on the Guide for users of the VMS operating system.
Notes on making new formats and translations of the EFF Guide to the Internet.
Authorship notes for netgddos.zip
Texinfo sources for all of versions of the Guide below (principally for Unix systems with TeX, and for those wishing to produce specialized Info, DVI, PS, etc. versions, e.g. legal size, custom typeset versions, etc.)
Device Independent (DVI), US letter size, version of the Guide.
PostScript (PS), US letter size, version of the Guide.
AmigaGuide version of the Guide, for the Commodore Amiga
Device Independent (DVI), European A4 size, vers. of the Guide
HTML (World Wide Web) hypertext version of the Guide, for placing for public view on WWW servers, and for personal viewing with HTML browsers like Netscape, Mosaic, Cello, MacWeb and Lynx.
Gnu Info version of the Guide (for Unix).
PostScript (PS), Eur. A4 size, version of the Guide.
ASCII text version derived from the Texinfo sources (differs from "official" text version in that it includes some extra intro material and appendices.)
EasyView view file for egtti-3_1.etx (used by the Mac Setext viewer, EasyView)
Setext version. Setext is a special markup format to make ASCII text more readable. You can view this as an ASCII text file, or in a special Setext brower, which will give you some hypertext capabilities. See ftp.eff.org, /pub/Net_info/Tools/HTML_Setext_Acrobat/ for Setext browsers.
Windows Help (.HLP) searchable hypertext version of the Guide. by Cesare Feroldi de Rosa. Currently at ver. 3.11 of the Guide.
A colorful, hypertext version of the Guide that you can read on PCs running DOS and/or MS-Windows 3.1. You can consult this version of the Guide whether you're on-line or off-line. Currently at v. 3.11 of the Guide (Aug. 1995). For comments and questions, contact levner@panix.com.
a DOS hypertext version of the Guide, with viewer (SAGE.EXE). (currently at version 3.14 of the Guide or newer.)
another DOS version of the guide, in Rouge Valley Software's browser format. Not a true hypertext; more linear, like a book.
A WordPerfect version of the guide, with hypertextual links produced by Michael Frumer (mfrumer@astro.ocis.temple.edu) and his original WP scripts. This version should work fine in the following versions of WP: Windows 6.x, DOS 6.x, most Unix 6.x, Mac 3.5 (when available.) NOTE: This is NOT a text file. Transfer in *binary* mode.
a copy of the full current version of the guide, with changes from previous version indicated by "|" before changed lines (this version created with Gnu wdiff). This is a gzip-compressed ASCII file.
MS Word for Windows 2.0 version of EFF's Guide to the Internet. Should be readable by MacWord and many other word processors that can import WinWord documents. Currently at version 3.18 of the guide. Proportioned for printing on European A4 paper. Prepared by Hugues Mercusot <mercusot_h@decus.fr>.

Subdirectories in This Archive

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(a.k.a. Francais/) directory containing French versions of the EFF Net Guide. [Guide EFF de L`Internet, edition Francais.]
(a.k.a. Magyar/) directory containing Hungarian versions of the EFF Net Guide and Updates. [A Kalauz Magyar valtozatai.]
directory containing Italian versions of the EFF Net Guide and updates [Guida a Internet della EFF & Aggiornamentos.]
(a.k.a. Kanji_SGIS/) directory containing Japanese Kanji versions of the EFF Net Guide (in SJIS text and MSWord 6.0).
Directory containing Polish versions of the Guide.
Directory containing the ASCII text version split into small pieces. This is used for mailing the guide from the netguide@eff.org infobot (split so that it is not truncated by misbehaving mail gateways.) It is made publicly accessible for download as well, just in case someone finds a use for it in this condition.

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