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"A Postmodernist Interpretation of the Computer Underground," by Gordon Meyer and Jim Thomas, is a sociological analysis of the computer underground which takes a more sympathetic than usual look at the members and actions of the computer underground.
Fascinating article by Seeker1 examining the cyberpunk phenomenon and analyzing the appropriateness of assigning the "counterculture" label to cyberpunks.
"Cyberpunk From subculture to mainstream" by McKenzie Wark (1992) discusses the evolution and history of cyberpunk as a cultural theme.
"After the Deluge: Cyberpunk in the '80s and '90s" by Tom Maddox (1992) discusses the evolution of the cyberpunk genre.
Article by Seeker1 about culture jamming, sabotaging advertising campaigns to point out the flawed reasoning encouraged by advertisers.
List of books and articles about cyberspace, cyberpunk, electronic communications and other related ideas.
Article by Nathan Cobb, from the Boston Globe, abou cyberpunk culture, specifically the differences between hackers and punks, how the two cultures merged, and the resulting cyberculture.
Brief article about feminism in cyberspace and how it differs from "mainstream" feminism.
"Cyberpunk was not so much a literary movement as an extension of postmodern experimentation that reaches back to the first cultural memes generated by radical shifts in perception."
"The Ghost in the Machine: Haitian Voudoun and the Matrix" by Seeker 1. "It would seem that there are no two things more distinct than the primal, mystic, organic world of Haitian Voudoun, and the detached, cool, mechanical world of the high-tech future. Yet Gibson apparently felt there was an instinctive linkage between Haitian Voudoun and the urban hyperreality of his fictional Sprawl.
Karl Taro Greenfeld's WIRED article about the bizarre "otaku" subculture in Japan, of alienated computer nerds fixated on animation, and computer games - an obsession that in one case led to a string of horrific murders.
Article by Seeker1 about author Philip K. Dick and his role in shaping the cyberpunk genre. Pretty wierd.
To describe this article by Seeker1 (using his real name) would be to violate the principles espoused therein. Read it.
An examination of post WWII subcultures that places the cyberpunk culture in an historical context.

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