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Declans original index for this directory. Some of the offsite links are dead, but this index has Declan's valuable original commentary.
Carnegie Mellon University: How one of the world's top research universities was led astray by their own appetite for cheap publicity. Carnegie Mellon's Moral Mazes. Some of the offsite links are dead, but the original commentary has good historic value.
A partial index of how Carnagie Mellon University helped hyped and hosed Marty Rimm. Some of the offsite links are dead but the commentary is important.
Marty Rimm: The development and defense of a fraudulent pornography study. Some offsite links are dead, but the historic commentary is valuable.
Marvin Sirbu: How a senior faculty member became involved in a fraudulent study -- and ignored its faults. some offsite links are dead but this original index has valuable historic commentary.
TIME Magazine: How the nation's leading newsweekly bought into a bogus study, featured it as a cover story, and refused to admit it was suckered. The ethics of Time Magazine.

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A series of Declan's articles on the Rimm Study from different publications
A large group of miscelaneous documents relating to The Rimm Study, its implications, and the controversy surrounding it.
The correspondence of Declan McCullagh and Mike Godwin with Marty Rimm.
A statement by the University on the Study
Some documents relating to the study.
a couple of Mike Godwin's writings on the Rimm Study.
Relevant CMU policies: What rules and regulations were violated? Some offsite links are dead, but the commentary is important.
Some additional documents relating to Marty Rimm.
Some additional documents relating to Marvin Sirbu's involvement in this affair.
A couple of additional documents relating to Time Magazine's involvement with the Rimm Study.

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