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Radio broadcasters have begun rolling out a new digital radio technology, known as "HD Radio," which piggybacks digital signals onto traditional analog FM and AM frequencies. The new technology, developed by iBiquity, is meant to supplement, not replace, traditional analog radio.

The recording industry sees the introduction of this new radio technology as an opportunity to renew their decades long effort to take away your right to make personal recordings off the air. Taking a page from the movie business, the recording industry is asking the FCC to force technology companies to incorporate "content protection" technologies that would hobble home recording technologies for HD Radio. Led by the RIAA, the recording industry is particularly eager to make sure that there will never be a TiVo-like recorder for radio.

The FCC's "Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and Notice of Inquiry" [PDF, 300k] regarding RIAA's proposed "broadcast flag" for digital HD radio (released April 20, 2004).

EFF Comments (filed June 16, 2004) Media Release
HRRC Comments [PDF, 360k] (filed June 16, 2004)
RIAA Comments [PDF, 4.2M] (filed June 16, 2004)
EFF DAB Reply Comments [PDF, 120k] (filed August 2, 2004)
HRRC Reply Comments [PDF, 1.6M] (filed August 2, 2004)
RIAA Reply Comments [PDF, 2.9M] (filed August 2, 2004)

Note: comments of other groups can be found at the FCC's ECFS search page, by searching for comments in MM Docket No. 99-325.

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