E-voting Archive

An archive of cases and documents relevant to EFF's work in E-voting.

Wexler v. Lepore

Federal case filed by voters and candidates in federal court arising under both federal and state law to resolve unequal treatment of voters in 15 Florida DRE counties with with no recount capability vis-a-vis 2000 U.S. Supreme Court Bush v. Gore doctrine, dismissed in favor of state court proceedings on May 24, 2004.

ACLU v. Connor (Texas)

EFF and the ACLU brought this case against Texas voting technology examiners who failed to hold e-voting certification meetings according the Texas Open Meetings Act. Previously, examiners met with vendors in private and did not allow the public to witness or participate in the examination. In February, the district court granted a temporary injunction, guaranteeing at least in the short term that the public would have an opportunity to directly question vendors and examiners.

Gusciora, et al., v. Codey, et al. (New Jersey)

Case referred by EFF to the Rutgers Constitutional Litigation Clinic that challenges the use of paperless DREs in New Jersey based on the New Jersey Constitution and election laws. Originally sought to stop the use of DREs in the November 2004 election, but the effort to seek long-term relief continues.

Soubirous v. Riverside County (California)

Linda Soubirous, a Republican candidate for the Riverside County Board of Supervisors, brought a suit against the county when election officials refused to examine redundant memories, audit data, and other DRE data as part of its recount process. Soubirous lost an originally vote tally by 45 votes. The case is currently on appeal. EFF found counsel for the Plaintiffs and currently serves as the financial sponsor for VerifiedVoting.org for purposes of the case.

Americans for Safe Access v. County of Alameda

Measure R, a local ballot measure that would have altered the regulatory structure of local medical marijuana rules and changed cannabis possession limits, was defeated in November 2004 by less than 200 votes. Plaintiffs sought to examine redundant memories, audit data, and other DRE data as part of its recount process. After Defendants refused, Plaintiffs filed suit. EFF found lead counsel for plaintiffs and serves as advisors on the case.

Schade v. Maryland State Board of Elections

Maryland voters filed this case in state court in April 2004 to decertify Diebold touchscreen voting machines and require that the machines not be used until they comply with various security measures.

Diebold Censorship Case

Benavidez v. Shelley

New Orleans, Nov. 2, 2004

Based upon problems with DREs in New Orleans, we helped file a lawsuit. EFF's tech attorneys stationed in New Orleans were instrumental in this effort, working in coalition with our Election Protection partners.

Activism and Voter Protection Work

USENIX Security 2004

Technical session by EFF Legal Director Cindy Cohn: "I Voted? How the Law Increasingly Restricts Independent Security Research," August 11, 2004

Post-Election Investigation

EFF's Election Day Press Conference

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