Napster Cases

Directory of info on the legal disputes surrounding the Napster peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing service (principally used for trading MP3 music files).

Table of Contents:

Bankruptcy Court

  • Objection of Certain Record Companies to Proposed Napster Sale [PDF 410k]

Ninth Circuit

Appeal from motion to modify preliminary injunction

  • Ninth Circuit ruling affirming [PDF 193k]

Appeal from grant of preliminary injunction

  • Ninth Circuit ruling affirming in part and reversing in part [PDF 2.5m]
  • Oral Arguments [Links to MP3s 46k]


  • Napster's Reply Brief [PDF 99k]
  • Plaintiffs' Opposition Brief [PDF 1.2m]
  • Napster's Opening Brief [PDF 216k]

Amicus Briefs

  • Brief of Ad Hoc Copyright Coalition, Commercial Internet Exchange, Computer & Communications Industry Association, Information Technology Association of America,, United States Internet Industry Association, and United States Telecommunications Association as Amici Curiae Supporting None of the Parties [PDF 1.1m]
  • Amicus Curiae Brief of the Consumer Electronics Association, the Digital Future Coalition, and the Computer & Communications Industry Association in Support of Reversal [PDF 861k]
  • Brief of Digital Media Association as Neutral Amicus Curiae [PDF 911k]
  • Brief of Scour, Inc. as Neutral Amicus Curiae [PDF 551k]
  • Amici Curiae Association of American Physicians & Surgeons, Inc. and Eagle Forum Education and Legal Defense Fund [PDF 80k]
  • Amended Brief Amicus Curiae of copyright law professors in support of reversal [PDF 52k]
  • Brief of United States as Amicus Curiae [PDF, 68K]
  • Brief of ACLU as Amicus Curiae in support of Reversal (coming soon)
  • Ninth Circuit ruling granting stay of preliminary injunction pending appeal [PDF 225k]
  • Recording Industry's opposition to motion for stay [PDF 1.5m]
  • Napster's motion for stay pending appeal [PDF 128k]
  • District Court

    Summary Judgment Proceedings

    • Order denying motion for summary judgment [PDF 259k]
    • Music Industry Motion for Summary Judgment [PDF 479k]

    Napster Motion to Dismiss Fonovisa

    • Order Denying Motion to Dismiss [PDF 84k | HTML]

    Interim Proceedings relating to Preliminary Injuction

    • Recording Industry's Report on Napster's Non-Compliance (March 27, 2001) [PDF 125k]
    • Napster Compliance Report 3 (April 3, 2001) [PDF 100k]
    • Napster Compliance Report 2 (March 20, 2001) [PDF 64k]
    • Napster Compliance Report 1 (March 12, 2001) [PDF 128k]

    Music Industry Motion for Preliminary Injuction

    • Order Granting Motion for Preliminary Injunction [PDF 117k | HTML]
    • Transcript of Oral bench ruling granting motion for preliminary injunction [HTML 52k]


    • Plaintiffs' Opening brief [PDF 1.5m]
    • Napster's Opposition brief [PDF 182k]
    • Plaintiffs' Reply brief [PDF 1 732k; PDF 2 1005k; PDF 3 1023k; PDF 4 1.0m]

    Napster's Motion to Dismiss (DMCA safe harbor)

    • Order Denying Motion to Dismiss [PDF 73k | HTML]


    • Napster's Opening Brief [Comng Soon]
    • Plaintiffs' Opposition Brief [PDF 68k]
    • Napster's Reply Brief [Coming Soon]

    Complaints and Answers

    • Recording Industry's Complaint for Contributory and Vicarious Copyright Infringement [PDF 51k]