State-Level "Super DMCA" Initiatives Archive

Note: This page has not been updated since 2003

Many states are being pressured by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) to adopt legislation that would have serious consequences for freedom of speech, encryption, and the public's rights. EFF is strongly opposed to this "Super DMCA" (S-DMCA) legislation.

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EFF Resources on S-DMCA Legislation

Read or print letters sent by EFF and a coalition of other organizations opposing S-DMCA legislation:

MPAA "Model Legislation"

The S-DMCA bills are based on, and sometimes directly copied from, model legislation being circulated by the MPAA.

Affected States

Most of this data was found on Ed Felten's weblog, Freedom to Tinker. Please send additions or corrections to

You can find your state representatives with EFF's legislative directory.

Other Groups Opposing S-DMCA Legislation

Other Resources

Media Coverage