PrePaid Legal v. Sturtz Case Archive

On Friday, August 10, attorneys from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) successfully defended the speech rights of two anonymous Yahoo! message board posters. A California State court found that the right of Internet posters to speak anonymously outweighed a company's desire to unmask their identities. August 13, 2001
Electronic Frontier Foundation Media Release: A California state court will hear oral argument this week in a case that may determine the legal standard California will apply to subpoenas requesting the identity of anonymous Internet speakers. The case involves a subpoena issued by Pre-Paid Legal Services Inc. of Oklahoma (PPLS) requesting the identity of eight posters on Yahoo!'s "Pre-Paid" message board. EFF represents two of the J. Does whose identities were subpoenaed, in a dispute between PPLS and another (known) party. August 7, 2001
This is the proposed order to allow the John/Jane Doe defendants in this case to proceed under pseudonym.
The motion by John/Jane Doe to proceed under pseudonym and to Quash deposition subpoena directed to Yahoo!, Inc.