20040823_yahoo_v_licra-9th.pdf [PDF, 162k]
Ninth Circuit opinion reversing for lack of personal jurisdiction. (Aug. 23, 2004)
20011107_us_distct_decision.pdf [PDF, 1.1M]
US District Court Ruling Against French Censorship Order in Yahoo! v. LICRA. US court will not uphold French censorship ruling against US-based company for speech that is legal in the US. (Nov. 7, 2001)
20010813_isp_assns_us_amicus.pdf [PDF, 82k]
(Aug. 13, 2001)
20010607_deny_mtd_us_order.pdf [PDF, 821k]
(June 7, 2001)
20010406_cdt_aclu_us_amicus.pdf [PDF, 86k]
(April 6, 2001)
20001221_yahoo_us_complaint.pdf [PDF, 3.3M]
(Dec. 21, 2000)
20001120_fr_int_ruling.en.pdf [PDF, 43k]
(Nov. 20, 2000)